7 tips to save money for Christmas

Christmas is especially financially tight for families so try these tips below to save money:

1. Buy on Sales – 
To help you Christmas budget stretch that much further, wait to see the Christmas sales before you start shopping. Black Friday on 23rd November and Cyber Monday on 26 November offer a chance for you to save – but don’t get caught up with the festive excitement, shop with a list and stick to it.

2. Shop around for cheap decorations –
Making your home festive, is a big part of Christmas, but make sure you shop around for all the discounted decorations, wrapping paper and accessories.

3. Set a holiday spending goal
Father Christmas makes a list and checks it twice, and you should do the same thing with your Christmas budget! The best way to make sure you don’t go overboard this Christmas is to make your budget and stick to it. That way you’ll know exactly how much you have to spend on gifts for family and friends, parties, Christmas decorations, and everything in between!
Once you have your Christmas budget ready to go, start trying some of these ways to make some extra cash or cut cost corners to save money for Christmas. You’ll be amazed at how a few small, intentional changes can impact your holiday budget with tidings of great joy!

4. Use a Christmas Jar
Do you find Christmas too tricky to save for? Why not get yourself a Christmas Jar! It's simple to run, you place the jar in the family area where you all generally get ready to leave the house, this may be your kitchen or your hallway and before you leave the house, you place into the jar all of your loose change, and this go’s for all the family – you’ll be supposed how far your loose change can go at Christmas!

5. Have a gifting rule
The number of gifts can often take the shine away from Christmas making it an indulgence of excessive spending. Why not agree a gift rule with your friends and family and perhaps limit your children’s gifting to - something they want, something they need, something they could use.

6. Use your loyalty cards
An obvious but important one - why have a Boots Advantage/Tesco Clubcard/Sainsbury's Nectar if you never claim the points you save? Save it all year and by Christmas, you'll have a decent amount in cash to spend - or, convert it into vouchers to spend at the specific store and they often give you more.

7. Use voucher codes
With Christmas comes endless socialising, endless shopping and endless money leaving your purse, which is why signing up to a couple of voucher code sites or scouring the web before agreeing to evenings out or buying any gifts is a good idea.